Blue Planet Video Contest- Summer 2021

Blue Planet Video Contest- Summer 2021

Win a $2000 cash prize by submitting your video today!

Official Blue Planet Video contest rules:

We are putting on a Blue Planet video contest for the summer of 2021 with a $2000 grand prize and this is how it works:

To enter, please upload your video file (up to 10 GB) by July 31, 2021 here:

By entering, you confirm that you are the video rights owner and allow Blue Planet to post the submitted video on the blueplanetsurf YouTube channel, other social media channels, and on in conjunction with this video contest with no compensation.

You can submit up to three video entries per person.  If we choose your video, it will be featured as “video of the day” on the BluePlanetSurf YouTube channel between June 1 and July 31, 2021.  We will then select the top 10 videos and will post an award show announcing the $2000 grand prize winner on August 14, 2021.

Judging criteria:

  • Entertaining: we are looking for creative, original, amazing videos.  We like to see action, humor, beautiful scenery, adventure, storytelling.
  • Watersports related: we prefer videos related to foiling, wing foiling, surfing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding but will consider other entries.
  • Unique edit: we give preference to unique edits that have not been published before.  You can use the same footage you have used elsewhere but a unique edit that has not been posted online before is preferred.
  • Virality/ promotion: If your video gets selected as video of the day, you can help us promote it to get lots of views, thumbs ups, and comments.  These will help increase your chance of winning.  Paid/ fake views or likes are not allowed and will disqualify entry.
  • Family friendly language and content preferred, please bleep out any foul language.
  • If your video features music, it should be royalty free or we may use different music or post it without any sound. We recommend that you use royalty free music from the Youtube Audio Library.
  • Complete submission: videos submitted with a catchy thumbnail, title and description will have a better chance to win.

The sooner you enter your video into the contest, the better your chances of being featured as video of the day and get more views.  Open for entries from now until July 31st.  $2000 first place winner will be announced on August 14th.  



 Who can enter?

Anyone except for Blue Planet employees, there is no charge to enter, no purchase necessary, void if prohibited in your jurisdiction.

 Do entrants need to be above a certain age?

No, but if under 18, video must be uploaded by legal guardian.

 How many videos can you submit?

Up to three submissions per person.

 How long should the videos be?

At least 30 seconds, up to 10 minutes maximum.

     Is there a file size limit?

Yes, please send video file in the highest resolution possible but no more than 10GB file size.

     Which file formats will be accepted?

Video file. mp4 preferred

    Can the videos have graphic overlay?


      Are there any specific requirements for the video content?

Family friendly language and content

     Are there prizes? What are the prizes?

Yes, $2000 cash prize for first place, other prizes to be announced.


Additional Contest Rules:


  1. videos must comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines , entries that don’t comply will be disqualified.
  2. video is wholly compliant and consistent with the YouTube Terms of Service.
  3. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and contestants release YouTube from any liability related to this contest.

d..      Privacy notice: personal information will not be used in any way other than to notify the winner of prize.

Please use contact us link for any questions


Watch all the videos submitted so far in this playlist:


Here are the video submissions that were selected as "video of the day" as of June 5th, 2021:


  1. Edward Ricca Edward Ricca

    I have spent the last few days trying to upload a 3gb mpv4 video and a thumbnail. Neither will upload. I get a message that says Server Rejected. I have no issues uploading a version to YouTube for my private view. I’ve tried uploading from my iPhone and MacBook pro…It takes hours to upload the video before receiving the message Server Rejected…even the thumbnail is getting rejected. I’m using my WiFi to upload. I’m traveling (camping) this weekend to get more paddling footage for another video to enter but still need to be home to complete upload of my other 2 videos… I can’t edit and upload at same time. I’m crunched for time and don’t know why I can’t upload to participate in the video contest. I believe my content and 360* editing on a SUP is unique and has a great shot at winning. I’m excited to enter my videos and find out how they do. Please help me figure this out.
    Edward Ricca cell#516-524-3851
    [email protected]
    PaddleN360 on YouTube

  2. Edward Ricca Edward Ricca

    I am unable to upload my thumbnail and video. Both are within the format guidelines. It’s telling me the content failed to upload to server. I’ve tried uploading from my iPhone and MacBook…same problem both times. Can you help me figure out how to upload?

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